It's TODAY!!

My last Promotional Post about 'The Sale' before i can share some thrifty goodness with people x
TODAY only is my FREE UK postage day from any etsy shop>>>>>> Take advantage of the silliness that IS - me sending you stuff and not charging you for postage. It is bonkers i know - but, i have a tendancy toward madness...
And by the looks of my child (above) it could be genetic! (gulp)

Crafty goodness x yum yum x 7am - 10pm TODAY!


Anonymous said...

yup, minifish's bonkers genes are defo showing themselves... but wait! now just hang on a cotton pickin' minute! wot are those luffly knitted brooch thingies i spy in the last pic? why haven't i seen those?? why was i not consulted?!! bah!! *huffs and pouts* xxx

That Crafty Fish! said...

haha - i confess to buying the wool flowers from another crafter and finishing them off myself! they are for the Craft Stall my dear x


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