From Japan....!

I have so much to tell you all about...
Beauties i have been buying, Muchness i have been making, Sweetness to sell...
and THESE fabrics have finally arrived from Kokka in Japan - yippee! Joy because, i have many projects in mind for these!
I love this fabric with it's apples and mushrooms and polka dots (some of it might become a top)

Matroyshka's baby! and i have a whole BOLT of it x x x fresh and funky coloured cotton.
This will be so great when i make it into bunting as it compliments my collection of Cath Kidston fabrics. It has lots of spots and stripes and florals in it so also grrrreat for chopping into teeny tiny projects like hairclips and stuff...

This is just so good it hurts! A thick double weave cotton with a linen quality to it that i adore. the colour is a deep and juicy moss green with 'tea' coloured spots... eeekK

And because i am willing to share.... i am selling a few metres and half metres of each design over on Folksy.... BUY ME HERE but they are limited because i am also quite selfish and want lots for my own projects.
More new-ness and blogging to come soon x


bex said...

lucky you!! i love the one that will be good for little projects!

Mrs B said...

nice nice nice! waant to lick the apple green one! x

Victoria Ann said...

very bad - cause now I want to buy fabric too! :)

Just let you know I spied one of your items featured in this months Sew Hip!!!

Mad-Boo x


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