Things to do with your children.... Photo Shoots!!

You've gotta love photo shoot sessions, you never know who's head might get cut off... Ours often take place in the bathroom.... usually as there is great light in there BUT often because i happen to be in there... ALOT picking up wet towels and dirty clothes (a housewifes 'lot' - i used to be soooo rock n roll, tut tut)
My BigGirlFish is 5 this very week and we have very little in common....
She is sporty and socialable and loves TV - none of these things apply to me.
(Strike that pose Baby Grrl)

I love crafting and sewing and being on my own often... none of these things apply to her.

But we both love colour and fun and photography.
No, I am not actually sitting 'on' the toilet here.... i hope there are no Americans reading this? You don't like toilet humour do you, over the Atlantic....?!?
BigGirlFish took this before i was ready for my big finish.
Ahhh, photo shoots... give your kids the camera and see where they take you...

P.S loving my cowgirl boots there... hating that chunky thigh! x


Rhiannon said...

Love the cowboy boots - don't see the chunky thigh, think you may be seeing things that don't exist!

Colour and photography seem like pretty cool things to have in common to me

Also, happy birthday to biggirlfish. My fifth birthday (if i'm remembering the right one) included a cake shaped like a pair of ballet slippers. I thought my mum was so clever :D (strike that, I STILL think my mum is clever!)


bex said...

awesome boots!! i lost the heel of mine when it was all snowy!its funny...i dont have any children but me and my sis share a like for colour and we dont normally have anything in common...maybe its colour thing

Mrs B said...

woohoo girls! Fabby post! I had to share with MrB! You both look so gorgeous, fun and fresh faced! I am coming to have my photo taken in that studio....tho not on the toilet!! xxx

Menopausal musing said...

You and your daughter are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous.x

Lin said...

You guys look such fun together!

Shauna said...

Great pictures! Love them! And I live in the US and LOVE potty humor. But maybe it's because I am on the west coast. And I lurvvvvve your boots! Great post!!

Anonymous said...

*pounce tackles kirsty fish and nicks off with the fabulous cowboy boots*


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