Say Aaaaahhhh!

I am going a bit stir crazy!
Fatigue after a week of birthdays and badge making... I made these Beauties! they turned out nicer than i had envisaged.
These were a collection of badges which are to be used as 'gifts' at a Gallery exhibition launch... something fun and a little ephemeral

I love the colours and quirkiness, but the photos aren't great so all apologies x
Then i made the start of a new *fun* series of craft loving badges. I listed a couple in my UK Folksy Shop and hope to list a few in PaperFish Etsy too....

... i love my sewing machine - hell yes!

Over coloured on my photo manipulation programme because it gives them the fun look they are supposed to have - they are very colourful in real life too.

Crafty days
Exhausted evenings x


Menopausal musing said...

Your photos of yourself are becoming more and more outrageous.... loving them!!!!!! Those badges are so wantable too.x

KirstyFish said...

before i started blogland i had a policy - NO photos of me! but i like looking at photos of other crafters so i thought - both feet in ....

Mrs B said...

gorgeous girl, I have always loved your hair curly! x

Rhiannon said...


That is all.

ps and don't worry about going stir crazy, it just makes for more enjoyable blogging - a technique I often employ :D

designrocks said...

mmmmmmm must have those badges!

I'm with you on the pics of self, it's nice to have an idea of the person. I don't think one is in danger of being stalked or what do they call it?? Pruned, preemed, primed, GROOMED - that's it, by a weirdo??

Certainly not at my age - I think I'd be more flattered!

p.s thanks for buying my cards!

sandeep sharma said...

Good post, let a person big open horizon. I look forward to more updates and will be returning.Cheers!

Tim Holtz



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