Sew Hip, who me....????

Well, not just me... but look who made a spot in this months 'SewHip' magazine?
My little Raspberry Tea Needlebook! Big thankyous to THIS LADY
It is such a lovely page and oh so very pink!?!
And there's my wee friend LUPIN with her brooch at the beginning.
We share a love of tea with others then Lupe?

It is a lovely feeling x
P.s. £8.80 when purchased in the UK not £12.50 as the USD conversion ;)


nickynackynoo said...

Oh, well done you!! You really are the Sew-ist Hipp-est crafter around!

Jennifer Rose said...

congrats! that is really neat :D

Rhiannon said...


every month someone I know ends up in Sew-Hip - I should really start buying it!


KirstyFish said...

coz it is a UK magazine! edited and constructed by people who like the UK handmade scene x cool huh?!

Mrs B said...

raucous applause!!

Nb how cool is it that we are all 'A Scene'!!

meplusmolly said...

Well hello 'published again!' lady, so cool, way to go! ;0 x

Mollimoo said...

That's great! Yay! I love my little needlebook so not suprised you have one featured! I love that magazine too x

Anonymous said...

congrats - I love your needlebooks - the tea one is especially yummy!

Lin said...

Thats great, well done you!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I loved this little thing so much I had to have one. Now it is sitting in pride of place next to the sewing machine and it is even more lovely in real life....a little piece of spotty felty prettiness - thank you!


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