I *had* to Blog a bit of Christmas...

CheeseFish!!! check that smile - very proud of her advent calender (all handmade and Mummy wrapped gifts each day x) Fluffy Balls - my favourite...
My windows - i love white and silver with red and white ribbons... my whole tree is white, silver and red, mmmmm x

Welcome! As it says at my back door (you know a good friend when they come straight to your back door) Still in love with my Christmas mini-bunting x it dresses the house so easily and quickly AND you get decorations 'inside' and 'outside' if they are hung in windows.

Not handmade, but grandma bought it for ToddleFish and we added the ribbon (mmm red polka dots)

To me - THIS is Christmas x Chubby hand of a 4yr old holding the silver wrapper of her chocolate coins gobbled from this mornings advent calender. It is so much more fun with children (as KIRSTY WISEMAN might agree)

OOOhhhh i LUFFS my santa man x bought last year from Kirsty Southam - before her great etsy shop >>>> gets your HERE x

SO ...... Merry Christmas, from my house to yours x
MrsB - so wish you were coming over for fine food and wine x


Jackie said...

Merry Christmas back at you. It really is better with children..ah how well I remember..*sob*

Mrs B said...

I am with you in Christmas spirit! I foresee much more new/Morrison/barton tale gatherings in 2009!! love you and your fluffy balls the most!! xxxx

Mrs B said...

that should obviously say table gatherings!

saraeden said...

Your home looks very Christmassy !!
I hope you all have a lovely Christmas x x

Sara x

Anonymous said...

Aw, she is the cutest - just like her mummy! Merry Christmas to you all, Emma xx


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