Tuesday is CRAFT day, yippee!!

And, like all good crafters, i barely touched my very vital 'To Do List'
For reasons only artists and crafters can explain, i started to make a "MoNsTeR BrOoCh" - isn't she lovely?
Scraps and bits and bobs and spots... I think my mind is turning over a 'class' / workshop I am running in the New Year (accessories and jewelery and colourful stuff to adorn ones-self with) so the MoNsTeR bRoOcH might be born from that area of my brain.

***PC balanced precariously on scrap monutain as i search for wild You Tube versions of Nirvana "Come as you are"***

This is how i made her on the back... I thought i might use her as a demonstration in my workshop bit that says "Don't think FLAT brooches, think BOLD brooches".
And now I am toying with the idea of a 'make your own MoNsTeR BrOoCh pack / kit' ???

And P.S it is getting very tedious already to spell it thus: MoNsTeR BrOoCh - but it looks sort of cute?!?

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