Button Bobbies and Rings

I had 'button jewelery' in my Summer Crafts collection, so i didn't make a large stock of it for Christmas .... famous last words!
One of the most popular items in the PaperFish travelling shop was... the GIANT button brooch.
This was an embellished one i sold in Summer - but the new selection of colours for the single GIANT button, sold unexpectedly fast. Why not though? They are fun and easy to wear. Bright, funky, a button! What's not to love?

Purple and blue were the most popular colours for the Autumn / Winter:

Then i had to rush make a few bags of the 'party rings'.
Sold in sets of 10 for £9.00 - they are for party favors - or for one ladies' many nieces and daughters!
I also sold a few bags to girls who intended to wrap them for friendship gifts at the end of the Christmas term.
When i shipped these to the US in the Summer, the superglue froze in the MINUS40degree hold of the plane and the glue became white, dusty and unstable (gulp - design error!) so, until i improve on the design somehow, these are only available in the UK

And finally, the 'Button Bobby Pins'. Again, these are Superglued together so this is not jewelery that will ever become a 'family heirloom'! A bit of fun and whimsical frivolity. I rush made a few of these last week (in the early hours of a sleepless morning) ready for a lady who has already had:
She needed a new twist on the buttons and party favor theme, so Voila!

And a quick note, the pictures of ME on my business cards are a bit of self-indulgent fun, never take life 'too' seriously my friends x
Off to purchase more ingredients and Kilner Jars for a late night of Nigella Lawson Cookery Loving...


Alexandra said...

Lovely buttony things. I love your business cards - I think they are fun and made me want to do something similar.

Anonymous said...

oh good glue tip! and your cards look so super cute. x

KirstyFish said...

awwww... hugs ladies, reassurance x


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