This is so cringe-worthy

Yet i find web-camming strangely addictive... *hello*

I am going to practice - improve on the light, sound (all the important bits!) and i intend to give a virtual tour of my studio and other crafty stuff, when i am better at this.


Anonymous said...

oh I love you even more now :-) I have discovered these things:
1. you have a 'posh' accent (well compared to us lot up North anyway)
2. you have amazing bone structure
3. you sound like Nigella
4. you would be an ace tv presenter - a crafting Nigella
5. you and your stuff rocks - tho I already knew that

BugsandFishes said...

Heehee awesome story and I love your little webcam shorts! :)

KMCdesigns said...

Gosh you do sound oh so terribly posh here!!
I don't remember you sounding that posh in real life!

Lost in the Forest said...

It's just me that doesn't think you sound posh then!
Great story...wouldn't it be nice if that happened everyday :)

debsmuddle said...

Girl you is well posh!!
Loved your webcam broadcast

pouch said...

you are a natural, give the girl a presenting job!

KirstyFish said...

I don't think I am really that posh! It was nerves... when I am talking 'naturally' to people, it isn't so bad!!! Thankyou for being so nice x
You know what i always wanted to be?... A Blue Peter presenter!

laurafallulah said...

and heres one I made earlier.

You are so scrumbsious! Plus quite brave girly.


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