Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays x x x

Closing the door for a few days - putting my feet up and having a drink... Thankyou MrsB for my lovely wreath x i raise a glass to you, your family, your generosity, and friendship x
And i end with one of my favourite photos of my year - yep, TheFish is snogging that poor child AGAIN! x Merry Christmas everybody x


Mrs B said...

merry merry christmas, darling Fish!! A glass of 'prozaco' is being drunk to you! xxxxx

KirstyFish said...

Hellooo MrsB - i didn't get the house in the stocking - i hoped i might :( if you see another in the sale - pls purchase and i will send you money x x x x x

saraeden said...

Hope you all had a very Happy Christmas !!

Sara x


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