hahaha - meet Sally x

Me and Sally at the Whitworth Art Gallery - Manchester Mafia Craft Fair!!
She told me "That will come out blurry" - Sally is just so darn CAPABLE! and organised and clever and ...tiny! I expected someone soooo tall and this little Dachsund ran up to me and gave me the cutest cuddle, i was smitten x
The ManFish and ToddleFish standing outside - phew, what a building! gorgeous x
Sally serving customers: Sallyent

GreyGoat - you know fantastic silky knickers and scarf tops (my friend Toni is maybe buying one in the near future...)

Lady who uses lots of 'Harris Tweed' - saving up for her trip to Marrakesh (I've been to Marrakesh actually, it is amazing - i back packed Morocco in my heady youth)

Crazy Button lady who was wearing a lovely colourful skirt and tights. I liked her stall... well it was buttons!!!!

Megan Price and hubby / partner - she is a stunner! What a corker. Stylish and uber-sexy. I bought some Gocco print cards from the Man - Mr, MrP.S!

Naturally i had a coffee or 2 but i was in a rush because i wanted to spend time with my lovely friend Antonia and family..... x What a well presented fair x Nice to kiss you Sally x


Jackie said...

Its nice to know I look like a 'lady'. Good to meet you even if you don't remember my name!

Mrs B said...

tee hee!! you know what I mean!

oh and verification word is pings!! love it!! thats my inspiration word for the day!!

KirstyFish said...

hi Jackie x i am terribly disorganised - tell me your www name and i can link you now? x

Anonymous said...

wheeee - I feel blurry so its entirely accurate!
the button lady is another craft mafia co-founder Nico aka Ophelia Button. And thank you for all your cuddles and kisses they made my weekend! xx

Jackie said...

Me again.. http://dogdaisychains.blogspot.com/

Continuing the verificatio word theme..its fishat. How appropriate.
have a happy week.

Dot said...

It is a small world! I recently bought some felt from you (it is gorgeous) and now I find you through Jackie's blog (love her stuff).

You have a great blog and it looks like you had a lot of fun (blurry photo or not he hee).

Dot from Australia

Anonymous said...

Great to meet you! I turned away to ask my mum whether I was supposed to be in the shot or not, and you took it :)

Good time was had by all, I think...?

KirstyFish said...

Hello all!
Yes Dot - what a small world considering you are from OZ and sorry about the photo, i was too shy to take 'loads'!!! x


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