Pretty Shop Items...

 Stocking the shop ready for the upcoming SALE DAY!!
I know i have been making PinPots and NeedleBooks for an age now,
but i really love these designs. They are good designs and so pretty
(in my humble opinion)
 I had a very calm and relaxing sewing weekend and it felt so good to make things
'just because i like them'
and not because they are ordered.
 It is so satifying to trawl through my own stash and ribbons and trims,
rather than selling stash.
And it is SO satisfying when people love these items and i know they will sit in someone elses sewing box or on their table and inspire their pure joy of creating.

 I think this PinPot in Spring Yellows and Pinks is my current Favourite.
The tags at the top of this post are so quick and easy to make.
I am selling a few packs, but really, they are not rocket science and the idea is just to inspire and encourage peeps who love crafting. Whilst the weather is a bit drizzly, it is nice to stay in indoors with a bit of cosy sewing or crochet or knitting or gluing or....
Happy 2012!
Keep an eye on the blog for Full Details of my amazing ETSY SALE DAY!


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