Olympic & Jubilee Cake Toppers...

 Cute, Quick, Crafty... don't say i never give you anything!
These cake toppers / decorations are awesomely easy and cheap. They take little explanation...
 Cocktails sticks with stuff on - great for kids but obviously watch how sharp the tops are.
For the Flag Toppers:
I bash one of my ends on the table to blunt it slightly before it goes inside the ribbon.
Two lengths of the flag used as this will fold over on top of each other.
I used double sided tape AND a splodge of glue because they *ping* apart if u don't.
 The Felt Ball Bobble Toppers:
I used the smaller 1cm Felt Balls
Get the sharpest end of the stick - dab a bit of wet glue on.
Push and wriggle it into a felt ball as far as you can - then leave it to dry.
 I also used the red balls as Christmas Toppers for Party Sandwiches, ala Rudolph's Rednose.
It's all a bit of fun and magic :)
 Best suited to mini cakes and muffins but this half scoffed Chocolate Cake was easy to hand for display purposes!! (only?)
 You can also try chopping a few small pieces of felt and making mini flags / bunting etc... as toppers.
Kids love this as it is quick and easy to do.
My BigFish shop on etsy, is stocking this vintage style flag Trim in 3 colourways, just inacse you need some.
What are your plans?
2012 is a great opportunity for some:
Street Parties
Bake Sales
Olympic Sofa Gatherings / Couch Coaching...


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