After School Tea Party...

 Last Week's Post School TEA PARTY
no need for an excuse - it's a 'just because' party
and we invited Grandma and Grandad too....
 I don't reeecccaaallll inviting the dog.
But he seems to have found himself a comfortable seat at the table.
 mmmm, tea and cake.
Sweeties and pretty china.
Fresh tealeaves and candles for fun
 And a *new* Sweetie Wreath in the GingerBread World Christams Collection.
 And i sold some more GIANT Lime Wreaths!
Sooo cool.
I have just made a new version of this Cath Kidston Christmas Butnting with Fresh Aqua Stripes to replace the traditional green spot.
Peoples: the sun is apparantly gonna shine this week...
Go Make Hay!!!! xxx

1 comment:

Jennifer Rose said...

dogs...always party crashers :p


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