oooh, *squeal* clever me....

 Ok, so not massively 'clever' but just 'bigger'
I have been making smaller button wreaths for some time, and they have gradually been getting bigger and bigger! This Whopper is 10inches across / 25cm
Any bigger and the weight of it would just drag the shape of the circle downwards.
He is sold *proud*
but i have been making another in these traditional colours - then a big wreath in Aqua and Red Buttons - and also just started a Gingerbread Wreath with multi-colured buttons.
I get addicted to making things like this.
There is no great 'design' to them but the time and labour of love is obviously in the buttons and their colourways and how they sit next to one another.

 I shall be sick of sewing these in 2 weeks time! but for now, it is fun.
They are a real statement piece for a Christmas Home and you know, we love our Christmas Decos.
 And, just so you know, there are a few sheets of white glitter felt in the Fuzzyfish shop.
I have bought a few stacks to make Hallowe'en ghosties with "mwahahahaaaaa"
they are going to look ace when the kiddies start on them!
And these are mini flowers / snowflakes. I ordered the wrong size so there will be a few metres listed in the Etsy BigFish shop and some i will save for my Kids Craft Workshops.
Feeling the Autumn air this week - glorious!


craftaddict said...

Lovely colours! I can't quite believe Christmas is almost around the corner! Can't wait to start Xmas crafts!

Making It Vintage said...

WOW 10 inches across, that is a labour of love.......and very lovely it is too.

cogito ergo suo said...

So funny! I love it


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