Wool Threads... interesting...

 Sooooo..... Wool Threads then....
I've got myself this box to play with and i am quite excited.
If they are awesome and i love them, i am going to buy lots and maybe stock them in my shops.
 These are Wool Threads on the reel and, get this,.... you can use them on the sewing machine aswell as for hand sewing. This is why i am quite excited.
I am going to do some KirstyFish style testing to see what they do in my machine and by hand.
I am going to test them on Acrylic Felt and Wool Felt.
There are a GAZIILION colours to choose from so i shall have a happy time with those colour charts.
 If you sew with FELT - these might interest you too....
Watch this space, because if i am to stock them - you know i'll be telling you all about it right here.
 *new Colour*
Can you believe there is a set of coloured buttons i wasn't selling?
I know, trust me - these are new.
I have long wanted a softer purple - a lilac haze to soften the pallette.
And here it is Liberty Lilac.
Soft and sweet - not at all like my good self.

Anyway, listen. Kids are back to school. I have a million trillion jobs to do.
I am off to ZUMBA tonight - not really my thing, but i am going to support my friend who has started running the classes. I did a hard hour at the gym this morning and i am going Kayaking tomorrow!
You know i'm busy when i start avoiding Jobs by over exercising.
I Salute you Ladies!
Long Live The Crafter Revolution


Anonymous said...

Hello my lovely! Do you think these wool threads would work well for some freehand machine embroidery? such gorgeous colours to paint by needle with Kirsty (2) x

Victoria said...

I thought Zumba wasn't my thing either, but find the right instructor and it is FAB!

PaperFish! said...

Oh WOW Zumba was a workout! Now i am a fit High Impact girl and i sweated sooo much!!!

K2 i am going to play with the threads this week. I have high hopes - they are top quality Italian threads and the colour range is huge. I think, with the right needle, they will be awesome on the machine... watch this space!

Wendy said...

Wow, I had no idea there was such a thing as wool thread!!

PaperFish! said...

i know Wendy, i like to impress you :)


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