Plum Cake... Amazon... self delusion...

 Egad, my i-phone is a bad bad thing.
I took a photo of these 2 books whilst on holiday and browsing a Book Shop.
Then, on an evening lying in my bed, i found these photos and had placed my order on Amazon before you could say: "stop it you crazed bedded down i-phone shopping NutJob"
 But by Golly they are Jolly!!
And then there is this self-delusional element that makes us feel....
that when they arrive in the post - they have somehow been GIFTED to us by Amazon themselves.
We conveniently forget that we did, in fact, pay for these books.
 Sigh - pretty pages.
The DK Preserves Book is especially great and i am just putting in my shopping order (online of course) to make up some Kilner Jars of Potted Peppers, some Elderberry Cordial and Fig Jam.
I usually shop online but i am especially shopping online forever more as i bought a new car last week and have a morbid mistrust of OTHER DRIVERS in any Car Park!!
 In the meanwhile - Plum Tray Bake Cake!
Made from the Plums down at my Brother's house.
 Just scrumptious...!
Now Lord, would it be too much to ask, to send me a big burly man with a love of sport and the healthy appetite that might appreciate Sweet Honey Plum cake?
Yes, his amazing sporty physique would be a bonus,  But truly he would be doing me a great service (!) if he were to come and help me eat cake and the such.
Here's hoping.
Bon Plums x


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Just posted today about buying books at Amazon too.
I'm not sporty or burly or a man for that matter but I'd share that cake with you, just to help you out of course. xx

Making It Vintage said...

Delicious books, even more delicious plum cake.


Mrs B said...

Lovely!! Lovely!! Lovely!!

Can I have a slab please and a spotty t-cup??!


Julia said...

Your plum cake looks yummy, I now feel like making something! x

PaperFish! said...

make! and you know, a cake with fruit in... practically diet food.

Amanda said...

I recently made some plum jam with a bumper crop given to me.

Ah yes, Amazon it feels even more like a gift if you exchange nectar points for vouchers which is what I did recently. I'm really looking forward to making something from one of my recent purchases after the felt I ordered from you arrived this week. Thank you I shall have fun creating.


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