RRrrraaaaa Red & Aqua!!

 Ha! I couldn't wait to show this off.
So very satisfying when i get a chance to play with this beautiful buttons myself.
I love this fresh colour scheme...
 Giant 10inch Christmas Wreath
(i am doing even more colourways, yipppeee)

Then there is this DIVINE *new* Christmas fabric range.
Can you imagine how i nearly totally fainted when i saw these in the fabric store?
sooo cute. I love Caribous / Reindeer... you know this about me!
 Mini Bunting - for windows or shelving - works both sides...
With a dotty red and white bias trim.
I am loving and in-love with these.
I have made more things with this fabric... and i'll show eventually but my head is filled with stockings and Advent Calenders and all the stuff i just must find the time to make.
 I showed you these spotty bias trims a while back and i have been adding them to some new Bunting lines.
They really lift the colours of the fabrics and make them much brighter.
Last weekend was a big sewing weekend for me - if only i could find more weekends like that!
 x x x


ajk said...

these are all gorgeous :-)

Xenia said...

Loving your button wreaths!

Ellouise88 said...

Soooooooo pretty! Yay to sewing weekends.

Suzie said...

oooo - love all these Christmas crafts. Yeay - Christmas is coming!

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

It's button and Christmas porn!!!!!
I love how you put a darker thread on those aqua blues, looks like snowman eyes, simply gorgeous Fishy.
You the Queen of Christmas craft....x

Mrs B said...


*wonders* how do you feel about resurrecting the big stove for a Christmas Special...do you have time, the urge, the Neeeeeeed??!!


PaperFish! said...

i have every urge you can name MrsB - i loved our cookery gazing....


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