Is it soooo very wrong of me....?

 Is it soooo totally against the grain, that i am already thinking of Christmas???
I know *in theory* i think about it all the time, due to the fact i have a CHRISTMAS ONLY shop!
But i don't get excited about that in the same way....
I have had a new wave of Xmas Fever hit me :)
Above are some bias trims, just for me to play with. And don't think that i don't LUST after new supplies just because i am surrounded by them for my living.
I do lust after them. They make my heart beat faster.....
 Overcome with inspiration, i put together some new mixed Ribbon Bags for the shops.
I love it. I love playing with the stock and showcasing to people, what looks good together... which products will be fun / hot / useful this year.
Blue is not a traditional UK Christmas Colour but it screams Christmas to me.
 Red and Green and White are more traditional but i think it's OK to go a little 'off piste' at Christmas.
Don't restrict your colour palette. It is supposed to be fun!!
 Giant wooden buttons, to embelish some huge yummy fabric stockings.
(a *new* LOVE trim for the shop and for a Wedding Favor idea i have)
Love Love Love Love
So there!


Amanda said...

I've already started to think of a new colour scheme along the line of light blue and red. Cocoa Rose Diaries had a post about Greengate, the catalouge was full of gorgeous Christmas images and those colours were great. So liking what you've put together.

PaperFish! said...

*off to stalk greengate.....*

Mrs B said...

Ahhhh Aqua, Christmas Red and White White is my favourite Christmas colour scheme!!

Ooooooooohhhhh. Christmas!! When are we allowed to talk outloud about it??!


PaperFish! said...

I have that wool wreath you made me in those colours B *sigh*

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Me too, me too!!
I could justify it with the reason I am doing a home made Christmas and have to be organized with time's not true!
I love love love it.
Loving those ribbon combos and Mrs B, let's all talk about it outloud now.


Sarah said...

I am glad that it is not just me thinking about Christmas preparations in August! My friends and family think that I am crazy! I LOVE Christmas!

Kit said...

omg!!! these are gorgeous

PaperFish! said...

omg! indeed - it is official we are talking out loud about Christmas! We should form a support group - a secret group we can talk about it all year round.....

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I'm in!
We could drink out of Chrismas cups and eat gingerbread everytime we meet. Sound heavenly, no?

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