Get yourself a FREE Graze Box - if you want to....

Foodie Talk!
So... this code below can be used at GRAZE and you can get yourself a free box of healthy snacks delivered straight to your letterbox, and then into your mouth.
You have to JOIN the scheme to claim it but you can cancel anytime you like.
If you enjoy the box you can then get your own code to share with your family and friends...
free box code: DP78Q8D

I haven't had my GRAZE box yet but it really appeals to me as i love to eat well and eat healthy (ish)
 Before i went away, the SmallFish and I had a bit of a mega Cook-a-thon
We have begun stage.1. of making Apple & Damson Gin - i know, yum!
Apparantly Apple Gin was once a typical and well-loved English Tipple, sadly no longer made :(
So, having a plethora of Damsons and Apples (from my Brother's Orchard), i have happily begun to revive the best of British 'windfall' Gin....
It will be decanted and bottled for Christmas :)

 Then, the weeFish demanded Lemon Curd.
Oh lordy, she is sooooo right. This stuff is heaven sent....
slathered over the morning pancakes.
 And we juiced a load of Apples with a handful of Blackberries - DIVINE!
We froze Blackberries for a future project...
We made Hedgerow Jam, or rather Jelly, as i hate the bits.... (plenty of red fruits and lemon juice)
We made Blondie Cakes
We made a mess...!!
I also ended up making a WASP catcher as we had a bit of an infestation during the process.
mmm, sweetness.
SO, to conclude:
September i am having a COLD TURKEY month - sort of a detox.
Water aplenty - no alcohol (only 4 weeks!) Cooking - Plenty of Protein
masses of running and some swimming and weights
AND a trial of these GRAZE boxes to see if they can stop me craving chocolate at nightime and biscuits after my runs... keep my natural blood sugars level.
I like a bit of healthy living.


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