Festival of Quilts 2011... Part.one. The Quilts!

 Bigging it up Quilt styleee = me with my Craft Homies
My Good Self - Lu Summers -  Lupin
Birmingham NEC Festival of Quilts 2011
What a great day out!
 My head, heart and throat were swollen from talking and thinking and seeing...
Above is Lu Summers fantastic bright quilt.
There were so many styles and disciplines and ideas. I took but a few photos to share.
 Dynamic blocks of colour and gold with tiny tiny complicated quilting.
 Always beautiful, the nostalgic quilts... the above was full of detailed embroidery.
 A superb knitted quilt that was cleverly constructed so as not to lose it's shape or hang oddly (due to how heavy wool can get) This had lots of attention.
 Emphemera and notions. Nostalgia and haberdashery.
 Blocks and strips of shades and tones. Mixed hand quilting and machine quilting.
 Tiny weeny complicated quilted Art.
Rabbit... Hazel....Watership Down??? 
Me singing "Bright Eyes..... burning like Fire......"
and Lupin and my chum Alison not knowing what on earth i was going on about!
Such Fun!
Thankyou my sweet Alison for a great day out.
Awesome fun to meet with Lu and Lupin
Part.one. was the quilts...
Part.two. will be the people and the shopping...


The undomesticated scientist said...

Me and my friend said watership down too!

PaperFish! said...

Haha!!! ThankU xxx

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of going this weekend as patchwork is my new thing and I'm only about 20 miles away but I was a bit too poor and I knew I'd want to spend a fortune on fabric!

PaperFish! said...

i didn't spend any really... it was more inspiration and lots of stands had cheepies / freebies..... next year?

Rosalind G said...

Thanks for posting a picture of our quilt. We are Trisha Pearce, Cecilia Whitworth, Hilary Wilkes and Rosalind Gregory. We met once a week. We designed and stitched it together.

The fabric is waste fabric from a factory - Fox & Co in Wellington. That's why it's called Fox's Fantastic Fabrics.

Glad you like it.

Rosalind G said...

Sorry didn't say which one. It's the shades of grey woollen one.

pouch said...

it looks like such a feast for the senses - my head would be spinning - see you there in 2012 :)

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