Button Bouquet Order...

 To be very honest, this is not a 'bouquet' as such.
This is an order for 50 Button Stems - as i don't bind these into a 'bouquet.
 Making 50 of these is fairly time consuming as choosing which buttons to use (on ANY project) is always theeee longest part.
And also the best!
 Stood in my sunny studio - i-phone on i-pod
playing with Buttons,,,,,,
Colour me happy.
This is one of those moments when i think "Lucky Lucky me doing my job"
 And, just as i was ready to post these hasty photo's on the blog...
I recieve an email from the customer telling me...
Thankyou & she really likes them!
 When i tell some people
"oooh i work with / sell alot of buttons for a living"
They are incredulous!!
"How many buttons do people need??" (i.e. to replace on a shirt of fasten a something)
Those people know NOTHING about buttons hey!!??
The cutest detail...
I sent them bound in 5 sets of 10
and on random stems i taped the cotton tape message
"i HEART handmade"
"made with love"


Molcats said...

A very beautiful bouquet!

nickynackynoo said...

Lovely. They remind me of licorice allsorts.

The Dotty One said...

these are gorgeous - such lovely colours and so much longer lasting than a cut flower bouquet! you really do have a fun job!!

Jewels By Ine said...

You made some realy nice flowers!


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