Festival of Quilts Part.two..... stands and shopping

If you don't know about Selvedge - click the link.
I have my critical / journalistic head on today so i might throw a few opinions around...
Selvedge is a beautiful and inspirational magazine.
The sort you keep, on a book shelf, in date order (and never lend to your friends)
It is full of adverts and costs a fortune BUT it is so very pretty and inspiring.
 The show sells a guide at £6 Lupin had one and it is a good reference of stalls and for use after the show.
After paying £12 entrance and £8 car parking, i could do without a guide but would have loved one if it was cheaper.
 Last year, the prestigous and coveted award of
"My bestest and most loved stall of the Fair"
Went to Kim from Worn &Washed (still a top top FAV)
But this year's lucky winner was JANET CLARE
so so pretty. Such a nice lady - very engaging and chatty even though the shows are exhausting for these dedicated ladies. Click - you'll love her work xxx
 Teenies and tinies.
Nostagia and whimsy.
Pretty and Vintage stylee.
 Lots of machine embroidery -
 i am simply going to put these into tiny frames and hang them in my Office.
AND a freebie dog pattern on her details sheet. Very cute touch.
 Some of the stalls and crafters really had a slightly too high opinion of themselves (i would never publically identify whom mind you)
A few crafter / designers had long faces and an exhausted attitude - did not want to engage in conversation...
A few had this sort of haughty response that the table dividing 'Consumer' from 'Stall Holder' was some sort of line establishing one side as "terribly special and important" and the other as "annoying pleb, just spend your money and Jog On"...
That is my only negative about the stands at the show.
Generally people were happy to chat with us consumers.
 Pretty and inspirational stall from Mandy Shaw.
 Lots of Christmassy bits and a very beautifully arranged stand.
 There were many many fabric stalls - of course! and some that i shop at regulary.
There were not that many embellishment stands but i did buy some sweet French Mouse Trim and a few wooden flower buttons as i had never seen these in the UK before.
I would highly recommend the FoQ
There are many stands but not MASSES like at some huge shopping events.
The quilts and displays and all that craft is truly inspirational.
My biggest message to any stall holder?
We know you are tired and it is a long week for you BUT keep smiling and being nice to the consumers. We are WHY you are there! You wouldn't have a business without us folk and we only want to chat craft with you. Feign interest in us and SMILE :)
You never know who's gonna Blog you!
Until next year.....


Quirky Boots said...

love the write up and honesty. i love to see a refreshing stall and amazing handmade products but theres nothing worse than a miserable face behind it all, makes you walk away and not purchase.
Off to view all the links now, i've made a cuppa in preparation :)

Have a good week x

PaperFish! said...

Oh thankU. I was worried I was being too harsh but it bugged me! X

Anonymous said...

I hear you :) x Kirsty (other one)

ann said...

in total agreement. On Friday I met several VERY grumpy stall-holders - I moved on quickly. On Sunday the same people were much more friendly!
love your blog.

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