Closing Shop... and other *news*

 FRIDAY 19th August
Last posting day from any of the shops.... please get any orders you *need* in, to me, before Friday
I shall be taking a break until Sunday 28th August...
(a well needed break)
 Then it will be all systems go for the Christmas Stock!!  
and getting any supplies ready you might want for the Christmas Crafting mayhem.
I have a few FAIRS that i shall be attending and hope to let you know when and where
 >>>>> see sidebar information
(i LOVE a good Craft Fair *excited dance*)
 I will also be having a mega
so an ideal time to get some early Christmas Gifts at a fraction of what they are worth.
I am, as yet, undecided on what will happen to this shop...
I have ideas in abundance, but nothing set in stone
i am open to your ideas / what you like best from there / what it could become more of:
Badges? Brooches? Bunting?
A new style of Supplies shop?
NeedleBooks? PinPots?.....
 A few new Button Bags available in the BigFish.etsy shop
Pretty colour combinations to inspire you.
And i hope to get fully up to date, on my return to work.
In the meanwhile, i have an Older Blog Post re-published here:
LCM is a *must read* if you are local to Northampton / MK / Bletchley area
Lots of info on craft clubs and artists and local vintage...
My piece talks about my way into Button selling... things have moved on even MORE since i wrote that piece and it is exciting to look back - and look forward!


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I'm wracking my brain, do I need something? I don't want to have to shop elsewhere, imagine??
Enjoy your well deserved break ( are you and the smallfish off somewhere?) and fess up, have you non work related sewing planned?
Ooh, by the way I made my first pennies! Running about the house like a right numpty waving £10 notes at everyone. I'm going to treat myself to a sewing machine foot for patchwork blanket making. Haven't spent my own money for a decade!!!! I cannot decide if that is very wrong....x

PaperFish! said...

aaahhh, you star! great feeling x
I love spending other peoples money - truly.... it's only a week :)

Andy said...

Enjoy your nicely deserved break and fess up
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