There must be an Angel....

OOOOhhhhh, *squeak*
I have finally finished off the button feet on my Angels
And managed to list them in the shop (SnowFish)
 There are, currently, these 4 different designs.... well, the same Angels but with different dresses.
A Vintage Liberty Print front (love, love, love this fabric)
Plus a Ditsy Lilac, a Vintage Lace and a Tilda Pink
 There is alot of detail in these and fiddly hand sewing / embroidery bits so they take a bit of time.
I try and make them in batches so as to be a little efficient.
 They are in the shop so soooon before Christmas as i had a customer request for some but i already sold a few! (you know who you are) so i am thinking i might need to get some more sewing time?
Jo is counting buttons for me.
Alison is sewing some trees and bunting for me.
I've got PaFish ordering Mailers and an Office Chair.... as i type.
It is like Canary Wharf here, Man!


Steph said...

These are ADORABLE!

PaperFish! said...

oh thankU

Andy said...

They are from the store so soooon before to xmas as i experienced a customer ask for for some but i currently marketed a few
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Joe said...

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