Craft Seller Magazine - Issue1

 There is another *new* Craft Magazine on the shelves - yipppeeee.
I have to say, i do like it.
Unlike some others, Making / Mollie Makes it isn't all interiors photography and posh paper type 'coffee table magazine'.... this is commercial and informative. Full of different things to make AND.....
full of information on how to sell your crafts.
 Free stickers with this Issue - very sweet.
This Mag will appeal to those of us (like me) who have a really broad Crafty interest. Lots of step-by-step projects. Lots of good advice and tips. Lots of links to cool websites and blogs... It chats to lots of people, REAL people!! who live, craft, work in this eclectic Craft World. And i like 'real-ness'.
 I was sent a copy by the very friendly 'Alice' as looksee.... there are my Felt Balls from the shop . Thanks Alice!
 And, whilst i am uploading some photographs, here are two new mixes for the BigFish shop.
"Eat Me" - the new and improved mix of everything green: Lime, Elderflower, Emerald, Pine and Teal.
Citrus Sublime: All the sour flavas: Lime and Lemon, plus Orange and lots of fun shapes and patterns included. Exclusive Button Mixes - from Me! for you xxx
 - Go buy Issue1 before the next issue is out... it's a good one!


Tamsyn Amber said...

Oooh, yay, I'm going to keep an eye out for this. All the other crafting mags out have got a bit 'samey' and over full of ads. Lets hope this one doesn't disapoint!

PaperFish! said...

lots of tips and articles on selling for profit or for charity :)

Jennifer Rose said...

yeah nice to see a craft magazine that isnt all ads :)

PaperFish! said...

True true - but this magazine is a series of Ads for the books from which the craft projects are taken. So they are Ads but you do get something for your reading time. And i thought the artciles were good.

Judith said...

I got it saw you in there and gave a little smile. x Its good aint it x

karyn gray said...

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