He can Run...

 For those who are interested in the Life and Loves of me n my dog...
He can run!
Despite his very short legs - he is keen. He ran 3 miles today.
 I didn't want to push him too hard ya know, but i think, with training, he could do a few runs with me.
Not the big runs though...
He still hasn't been off the lead but we are getting used to our life.
He's so much fun!
 He does keep putting his nose into my laces though, whilst i'm trying to get my Runners on.
Do you think he wants a pair? (or two?)
 He is also a keen gardener - hurrah!
Not too much digging up of existing plants, thus far (fingers crossed)
But he enjoyed our late night Potting Session....
 Bringing the Tomatos on - i'm potting up a but late on these but i hope to get the fruit for longer and later. We'll see how it goes.
There is a *bit* of an unspoken competition going on between PaFish, BroFish, SisFish and myself, on the tomato front. I did mine from seed and i *think* they bought plants. So i am a bit behind anyway.
Besides, i have a secret weapon.... SmallFish has the greenest of fingers!
 The Rosemary was potted as opposed to 'bedded' as it can get so wild and woody in a plot.
I may transplant it, when i get my bedding sorted.
I have a herb bed planned but i bet it won't see 2011....
 The Rocket and lettuces have gone straight into the outdoor tray without any Greenhouse time.
I have high hopes that they will sprout now the weather seems continually warmer.
If in abundance, i shall be swapping some of this for BroFish's Peas or a cauliflower.
 Elderflower Cordial = done
 Elderflower and Pear Cordial = needing to be done
Bring on the Brambles! I have feeling they too will be Early this year.
Come on Boy, get yourself a drink.
That won't be your last ever 5k mate!
xxx *is in love with dog* xxx


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Jeez, could those stubby legs be any cuter?

I want one!!!!!!


PaperFish! said...

Are you referring to my stubby legs? hahaha - he is cute, I KNOW!!!!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

My scotties and westie love to run but none of them as fast or far as my 5lb chihuahua! lol! How crazy is that!

I love his great big snout, he is so like my jack - very handsome x

Mrs B said...

Aha!! How lovely to have a running chum!! Do you know you can get a running belt, with a buckle in the middle to attach the lead, so you don't have to hold one!! Running gadgetry...any excuse!! X

Ps gardening...love x

Judith said...

With legs like that, that must be a marathon.
Give them some tomatorite and you will be the winner for sure. x x


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