My Life is a list of Jobs, to be Ticked Off...

 Want to make your own Bias Binding? Cool, no?
I have just 3 of each two sizes in the BIGFISH shop on Etsy.
3 of the 1inch and 3 of the half inch makers.
Get them whilst you can!
 Stealing bits of time to have tea with friends - and this is a milky brew for my girl!
Gotta make time for the important people...
 Generally just jobs, jobs, jobs
 - Paying out cheques
 - Organising invoices
 - Deliveries
 - Emails
 - Fairs and Form Filling... it is endless (or so it seems)

 I work and work and work
(and run and walk and sleep)
 "Alison...????" *Kirsty Hollers across the County* "Delivery is here"
Must unpack and organise....
OOOpppps, MUST order that new sewing machine (have fallen out with my Brother)
I wonder how my Mum got on earlier, booking that Holiday Cottage in Totnes?
I need it. xxx


Anonymous said...

Oooh, Totnes, lovely! Enjoy Dartington - I love their toy shop!

I know what you mean about lists, I seem to have a list for everything as I seem to have developed a memory of a goldfish. I'd like to blame it on having two little ones, but I think it's more likely to be old age. I just wish I could cross off more than I note down in the first place!

PaperFish! said...

I love Dartington too - i love Totnes, i love Dartmouth!!! xxx

Angel Jem said...

Life is a list. I can get that idea. But as long as you have a pretty notebook to write them in and tick them off then you're living in style ;)


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