Me n' Him...

 That's me.
New Dress :)  Loving the mass of cotton and crazy TieDye.
Feeling Over Tired but sort of serene.
 Crazy hair - 3 months since it was last cut.
*must take better care of Oneself*
 ...and that's Him.
(he is sat at my feet as i type)
 Who'dve thunk it - me living with another Boy!
I had said "Never Again" (to another Boy, not a dog)
 Welcome Scottie!
(We didn't name him, The Dog's Trust did.
It seemed cruel to change it, even if it is a naff name for a Scottie Dog)
There he is, hiding in his 'Safe Place' because little dogs need a refuge.
Much like their Grown Up owners...
We all need a little Snuggle Space now and then.


Mollimoo said...

Oh well done for bringing Scottie home, he's ADORABLE! We took on a rehomed Basset Hound rescued from a puppy farm, they make the most loving dogs & it's so satisfying too, give him a hug from me! x

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

He is adorable! If you visit my blog you will see Jack my scottie boy who looks very similar! My daughters scottie Lily is here 3 days a week too along with my westie Alf and betty my chihuahua! I love dogs! lol!

Blooming Felt said...

Ooohhhhhhhh - he's GORGEOUS !! Would you recommend getting a dog from a rescue centre then ? We're thinking about getting a dog and I was considering a rescue but was a little bit worried about history / kids etc x

Angel Jem said...

Beam me up, Scotty. You might be right on the naff name but he is soooo cute, I'd forgive him. I love scotties and westies, too. Have fun!

Sconch Textiles said...

Aw bless, he's adorable! @Blooming Felt - get a rescue! Don't get a 'new' dog, there are so many good rescues that need homes :) x

PaperFish! said...

He has a few issues - but then so do i. The DogS Trust i used recommended him for me because of my 7yr old. I would have had one of the many Rottweilers there but this chap sort of chose us!! very different to my Labrador and better behaved :) When i am rich (with land) i shall re-home 4 BIG dogs and one little one for my lap! x

Jennifer Rose said...

i love that dress :D

@blooming felt-a lot of rescue centres try to place the right dog with the right home. a place like the dogs trust has often done behavioural checks to see how the dog reacts to different situations, ex. other dogs, kids, cats etc. and there are lots of dogs that they do know they history of as they are surrendered or their owners have passed away

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Kirsty I am smitten, he's so handsome. Well done you for giving him a home and family.

Even with 'not trimmed for three months' hair you're still beautiful in your tie dye dress....x

Lilibet said...

you will love your scottie.We have had one all my life!Not the same one obviously!!Peggy is our latest girlie & is fab.She too came with her name.We fostered her after her mum became too poorly to look after her.
Your fella is like my mums scottie "George".He's a runner too as well as being a houdini!!Watch out!!


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