I spent ages doing up an old Dolls House once.
My dad gave me a tall work bench in his garage... actually that bench is now my studio cutting table.
But buying and making the miniature items to go in the Dolls House, was really the best bit.
 And i think that is the joy i find in making my NeedleBooks.
I like the technical solution to a problem: using the Eyelets and Bookring to secure the pages.
But really i like the mini-scene on the front of each design.
 I enjoy the colours and the trims and the spotty tags...
Putting the colours together and working out what looks pretty.
It's just aesthetics.
Sunday was quiet (SmallFish wasn't here)
so i sewed NeedleBooks. I walked the dog (several times. He has too much energy for One with such short legs) and i did some gardening - you can't even call it 'weeding' as these weeds pulled ME!
Hewwwge buggers.
I sold my car - and will soon have no transport.
I popped the new NeedleBooks into the shop
and they will be there until somebody who likes Mini-things, decides they'd like a NeedleBook like what i make.
That is that.


Angel Jem said...

The charm of the small. Love it. And I'm glad you had a good weekend.

sue xx said...

I always love what you make. My house is filling up with lovely lavender smellies and of course buttons!!!!

Mrs B said...

preeeeeeeeeeeettty! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Oh I do love my needle book and the one I bought for a friend for Christmas is also well loved!


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