Egad.... byJinks.... crikey love...
Laptop broke - Enforced Cyber break! but that is a story for another day.
Child has a birthday disco tomorrow. It has been chaos!
But listen, MrsB arrives in about an hour so all will be well.
 The sun has been shining, neigh.... burning for days / weeks even, and life seems somewhat sleepy right now. Maybe that's the exhaustion talking?
 Felt flowers - yes sireeee.
Available in Strawberry & Lime at present - FuzzyFish.etsy.com
They will find their way into LovePaperFish, maybe, when the Little Ones get back to school and the sun gives in to the inevitable pregnant rain clouds.
I popped the first few FELTY FLOWERS into my new webshop:
 More importantly, i have been having fun making them into brooches and into stems for a felty, floral bouquet. So quick and easy. Cheating really. Taking the skill out of crafting. But not the fun! As i am someone who does not feel the need to SLAVE hours over a handmade project - i can feel quite satisfied with a quick n easy too.
Cannot wait to get back to blogging - to putting lots of new things into the shops - to tell you all about the crafty plans i have in my pocket.
It is allll good people.
Happy Eggs! and Happy Sunshine!



Cute! could be good for hair slides too...Kx

PaperFish! said...

ya Voll. Hair slides would be nice x

Jennifer Rose said...

i love those green flowers :D

Anonymous said...

they look gorgeous, love 'em. Also eeeeep happy partying pretty ladies, wow they grow so fast... xx

teracheapgold said...

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hou said...

eeeeep happy partying pretty ladies, wow they grow so fast
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