Liberty-esque & Fruity Florals...

 Aaaah, so pretty! These have a Liberty feel print to the topside in lilacy / blue / pink.
They have been in the shop for about 12 hours and have already proven to be very popular. Available in bags of 10 or 50 (nothing in bewtween, you know how extreme i am)
 Fruity floral, 4 hole wooden buttons. Approx. 2cm so a nice size. These are far more tropical than the Liberty-esque design.
 And there is also this lot for selling in the HARDWARE section of
I wanted a load of brooch bars for some buttony creations i am completing, but then.... i saw these Kilt Pins.
I was needing them too.
I am desperate to make a huge wacky brooch with balls and buttons and beads and charms.
I love how versatile this finding is *creative explosion*
 I had been making elasticated rings with my daughter, just for fun but there are also bags of silver coloured rings in the LPF shop (HARDWARE section) as they do look a great deal more professional. They are adjustable sizing too.
 Busy, as always...
does your creative area look somewhat like this?
I have been making Button Stems for a Wedding so it is all a mess. I need lots of buttons out for Bouquets and stems as the best bit is playing with and choosing the buttons :)
And i shall not be secretive, i shall show all the buttony stems and goodness when i get the photos off my camera!
Don't mourn the loss of sunshine my darlings - it will return xxx


Starry said...

Love those buttons. There's something about wooden buttons that reminds me of childhood. The sun is out here in Canary Wharf. Still cold though...

PaperFish! said...

Cooome on the Wharf!


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