Promises, promises...

If you allow me to, and indulge me in, the scattering and smattering of button photographs today...
I will promise to take some lovely photographs of the Craft Fair tomorrow...

 I am a super busy Working Mumma - so it pains me as much as it pains you, not to have a blog smothered in Vintage Finds and Fun Days Out. I would like to write about a dreamy sunshine life as much as you might like to read about it. But right now, the sunshine in my life, must come from pretty buttons.
There are many new designs and bags already listed in but have yet to reach - (bear with , bear with)
 There is a natural satisfaction gained from 'working'.
I do feel a sense of achievment when i make sales and earn a wage - the bonus here is that i love the goodies that i sell, so it isn't such a 'chore'. We all need monies to live by hey?
But i think this results in so much more pleasure when i do get to spend a day 'away' and indulging in Vintage rummages and coffee shop treats. Maybe that is what i think when i say "promises, promises"? - promises to myself to work hard and remember to play too?
 Selling at Craft Fairs isn't something i have so much time for now-a-days.
It takes a great deal of effort to Prepare - SetUp - Sell - Dismantle the stall.... it can be exhausting!
But i hope tomorrows Fair (see previous post) will be a good one - especially if the sunshine returns.
 Therefore - promises, promises.
If it is Sunshiney and pretty, i will share the fair here on the Blog. And that sounds like fun, right?
Still cueing up some of the blog readers gorgeous Makes! for future viewing xxx
Hope you like the new Button bags and Pretty Colours.


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Tis my birthday on Monday and I have been struggling to come up with suggestions for gifts when may have solved the problem Fishy.
Will have to talk with Mr Biscuit and the small Biscuits about buttons. They do not understand but indulge me.
Have fun at the fair.

Mrs Gibson said...

OooOoo buttons, totally addicted I am. I should really indulge and get me some of those delicious treats.

DawnWillBreak said...

THose buttons are to die for!

monda-loves said...

oh my! These are some pretty buttons in tasty colours. mmmm.

Rachael said...

i have just found your blog and have been over to your little shoppy website - I will now have to wipe my keyboard as I have drooled over every kind of button in your shop! Love buttons soooooo much and you have some really yummy ones on offer. I love making things with fabric and ALWAYS incorporate buttons wherever I can in my projects!


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