Nice Stuff... Crafty Joy... Visual Treats...

 EEEEEeeep! How cute is this?
It's wacky and original and just the sort of joyful object that is borne from crafty playing and a good set of cute buttons. I don't think RubyReloved is selling these but.... maybe you could persuade her?
 And... you have to look closely here for the beautiful use of  buttons but WOW! I have fallen in love with this Pippi Legged Doll in felt and buttons and pure gorgeous colour. From Jen x
 These babies are so tiny. I still haven't found a perfect use for them yet... give me time... but i think you button lovers have really beat me to it.
 Random photo of these stunning Champagne Glasses on a sunshine day. My MaFish had a birthday and we treated friends and family to good food and wine (served in colourful ware) i am thinking it is my PaFish that has infused this love of colour in me?
 Spring Colour - still loving this mix of bright Springlike buttons.
They are better than sweets. Visual Candy.
 This button is so interesting.
I am thinking this design might make a good Tattoo?
 And these babies are my bright new Pot Holders from Etsy.
I love them. Beautifully made and too good to use!!
Such kitchenware has been on my list of
"Things I must make for myself"... for an age. So i let someone else do it for me.
 You've got to love a Dachsund?
Lord knows why they are called Persnicketypelican! But there you go.
Maybe it is an American thing?
Okay, so i got this dog cushion too.
It was the colour... the visual treat! The assault of perfect colour on my crafty eyes.
Fun x


The Rainbow Room said...

I really NEED a set of Champagne glasses like those ...............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Mrs B said...


Such prettiness! I would love a dachshund! How sweet and funny are they?


Jennifer Rose said...

awww that is such a cute cushion :) i wouldn't want to use those pot holders either for fear of wrecking them!

Stephie said...

I have named you in an award on my blog post for the 21st April 2011. You can see it here...

Keep up the good work



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