Vintage Delights... come and relax at my house...

 There's me - craning my neck to show off a very cute Swedish style messy braid (now you know i need a haricut) but i bought this very cute little denim waistcoat which was 'Cheap as Chips' and i am loving re-styling the vintage dresses with a hint of the modern.
 Not vintage at all but i got this tin of theee cutest postcards - found in a bookshop sale. Reduced from £10.00 (i know, pretty cards but seriously, TEN hard earned pounds?) I paid £2.50 so all good and i can save them for the next festive season.... or just leave them on the side looking pretty....
 Been leafing through my parents Wedding Photo Album.
Well it is my album in fact, as it was my Nanna's but i inherited (amongst other crazy amounts of STUFF that we all love to hoarde) this photo fell out of the back. Taken on a pre-marriage holiday. So bloomin cute - they have attached themselves to each other, on a jewelery chain.
 Just how young were they?
I admire them so much.
Still married after 40yrs - children have come into their life, and also sadly gone.
Money and work have been a lifelong success of building a wage from nothing.
They are the story / stories that you bring into your home when you enjoy the treasures of vintage lifestyle.

 It isn't just about how pretty things are.... But trust me, i am a sucker for something easy-on-the-eye. I find prettiness inspiring and calming and joyful. Handmade and Vintage do this for me. I don't feel silly indulging this side of me. It is my favourite side of me!!
 A handmade patchwork throw to cover a well worn, inherited, ArmChair. It isn't really hard to 'colour up' your home. Give things a try - live with it for a week or so - change it if you don't like it....
 This was an indulgence (as most purchases are, if we are truly honest with ourselves)
I could have lived without this huge wooden chest of drawers but i knew it would make my home:
 nicer - prettier - tidier!
Now filled with pyjamas, walking kit, gymwear....
It was from my FAV antiques store and is a creamy yellow colour (not apparant in this photo) with bits of peeling paint and the smell of mothballs masked by sprays of random essential oils and cleaning products.
 Giant Vintage Spool.
Sometimes i dream, at night (if i am struggling to get off to sleep) that i walk into my local Tip Shop.... and there.... i spy a box in the corner.... i stroll over.... and my heart stops a beat.... a box FULL of GIANT wooden spools.... OMG!!
 i tentaively scan the old barn shop making sure that no-one else has spotted it.
I scan for the Man in the High-Vis vest that works there *must not let him see in my face that i think this is the find of the century*
My mouth is dry as i mumble something about 'how much for this ole Tat'
I wake up - at some point i did fall asleep and i now i remember. There was no box. No bargain. Just the one, Giant Wooden Spool
Vintage Delights indeed.
It's an obsession.
There are worse things to obsess about...
My family think i am Bonkers.


belclau said...

Family stories sometimes hidden in vintage stuffs. It's nice to discover them and imagine life before, you feel you are able to leave the real world for a while and travel trhough the past, and enjoy :)
Warm sunshine and kiss from Belgium!

Menopausal musing said...

Loving the photo of the patchwork throw and cushion. Beautiful combination. Great photos of your mum and dad too, and YES didn't they look young! :O)


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