*SALE* the details.... the ins and outs.... what you neeeed to know....

 There will be - a ONE DAY only 
for UK customers only
(sorry Everywhere Else - you would cost me so much!)
 This applies to TWO ETSY STORES only
Folksy not included and FuzzyFish on Etsy not included
 Throughout the day i will add some 'one off' sale deal button bags
I will add them throughout the day so ONE customer cannot come in and grab all the "special deals" as this is supposed to be *fun* and a bit of a treat for UK Button and Ribbon lovers.

I shall be adding more colourful themed Ribbon Bags and one or two new items!!
If there is something you had your eye on that isn't listed it means i have either SOLD OUT of that item or am about to re-list it in the shop. If i have Sold out then i am sorry... what you see is what you can get!
 Just shop, as normal and I PROMISE to refund the postage on any items bought from either PaperFish.etsy.com or BigFish.etsy.com
Trust me - i will refund postage and that will happen within 24hrs of your order.
 This deal STARTS: 8am
This deal finishes 8pm
(so you can order before or after work, or if you want to join in but have someplace else you need to be)

This SALE DAY is supposed to be fun, lighthearted and good for my business.
I also mean it to be a THANKYOU to all those UK customers who battle through and shop on Etsy even though it is all in USD and sometimes seems a crazy place to shop.
Feel free to pass on this page link to friends... tweet it... tell people xxx


gill said...


PurpleFlowerDesignz said...

Excellent! I know what I will be doing aaaaallllll next tuesday!! And I swear that if you go to the bottom left of Etsy.com you can choose the currency you want! Mine always comes up in £££££'s. Hope this helps. Love your blog x

Flossy said...

great stuff! an excuse to buy pretties woohoo :D

Flossy x

Anonymous said...

omg! i cant wait :D x

PaperFish! said...

i am still confused on this PFDesignz as i know you can view in different currencies but you surely still purchase in $? as my shop is set in $... you can let me know :)

Moo and Mouse said...

I love the love bug buttons, (bunny noses) can't stop thinking about bunnies....time of year I think, ok I'm wishing it was that time of year!
I think it's lovely of you to offer such a fab deal and when you compare your prices to buying buttons individually you offer some really good prices any way.
Love your blog and shops.
Thank you

Emma x

PaperFish! said...

oh Emma - thankU!!
I hope my prices are good. So many of my customers don't want to pay a fortune for one button! they need lots.
I spend a long time price crunching. AND bunny noses - awwww - (i have yet to use these on any project myself)

Moo and Mouse said...

One button is not enough, I spend an age finding the perfect button I have to tip the whole lot out, the bag I got from you is still going strong, I have used all the spotty ones though, hence the need for more x


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