Shop News....

 After lots of thought -  i have finally started putting the ETSY shops into GBP....
I needed to tie it all in better (price wise) with what will be happening in the *new* webshop.
VAT has struck me now so prices have risen - dramatically in some cases but in others, prices have stayed. This is terrible for button lovers, i know, but i am not immune to the rises in taxes.
 NEW PinWheels.... these have been in the shop for a week or so. 90 in total - 30 of each colourful design. What fun!! Good for quilts and felt but too big and blunt for delicate fabrics i'm afraid.
 Spotty bias bindings - only these 3 colours and only available by the reel. Great for those of you who make bunting and want something a bit different to trim with.
 Last.... and most definately BEST - theeeeee cutest EVER tape measures in little animal face shapes.
How did we ever live without owning one of these? i don't know.
only 100cm long but great to pop in a handbag or children's sewing kit.
Has a little button on the back to retract the tape when finished.
1 panda sold.
1 Froggy kept for me :)
i might need to order in some more....?

LOADS more things arriving.
It truly is a fantastic New Year so far


cogito ergo suo said...

Oh Gosh! I'm afraid you are going to ruin me!

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

I had a lovely woolly sheep tape measure I got in 2009 for Christmas and just before Christmas last year, my cat Evie, who really had had a cunning plan for months and months I am sure to wait patiently for the right opportunity to destroy it, got said opportunity when I had left it out one night, unwound a little.
I found it in bits the next morning!
The joys of cats!
Does this mean my splurge at BigFish was at the best time?

Sconch Textiles said...

I love all of your items in your etsy shop! I am so desperate to buy some, but am strictly forbidden by my husband from buying anything else - which when I have just discovered your shop, is tragic! I tried to sneak a load of fabric in the house yesterday, and he found me, so these are definitely off limits for a while :(

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Thanks for posting me my felted balls and the two cute bonus ones :-) They arrived yesterday and are great. Love your new stuff! Zoe x

PaperFish! said...

I love getting new supplies is all. "Such fun" !


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