TODAY! 8am - 8pm

Spools. Patina.
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FREE UK postage on:
i will refund postage paid through paypal no more than 24hrs after purchase - (this is the easiest way for me x)
Have fun - hope there is something you want!

Kirsty xxx


Flossy said...

woo! just treated myself to some crafty goodies, thanks for the sale :)

may even have to check back again lunch time! hehehe!

Flossy x

Doda said...

Hi there, I didn't have much to spend, but I treated my self to a couple of little bitty things. Also, I just gave you a quick mention on my blog.Hope it is a good business day for you! :-)

PaperFish! said...

i apprceiate every customer in my shop and any blog mention ))x(( squeeze!

Lucy Jackson Designs said...

Button Love :)

thank you Kirsty x


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