Organic Cotton Stripe Ribbon... and work avoidance...

 Just the word ORGANIC makes me go all weak.
I swear, chocolate tastes better with the word 'organic' on the packet.
Bread has no fat or calories if it is 'organic bread'
I am a gooood person if i use organic cottons...
 Aaaah, the lies i tell myself.
The fact that these new cotton tapes are 'organic' is really just a PLUS, incase there are crafters who need / like to use very earth-friendly products or they are sewing with babies and children in mind.
I bought some because they are very pretty and have a vintage look and feel to them. is selling them as a mixed bag of 3metres - 1 in each colour: sage green, periwinkle blue and a strawberry pink. yum-yum.
I have been keen to get a bit of sewing done, just so i can use them. I try to NEVER sell a craft product that i haven't used myself. I think then iam a more trustworthy retailer? you know, i know, what i sell is good etc....
 I made a bit fat quilted Lavender Heart and you can too, if you want.
I had scraps left over from a cushion. 2inch wide strips of cotton fabric.
You can sew them together to make up a block of fabric.
I then quilted this (actually the wadding is also Organic and made with Bamboo - it is gorgeous to work with ) i just did any random quilt pattern all over the top.
 My piece was big enough to slice in half - so i did - 'just like that' - no planning or thinking. Let's just freestyle this whole thing.
I cut out a paper heart as a template and cut around it on both pieces of quilted blocks.
 Go back to PHOTO.1. and you can see i added a few embellishments on top - scraps i had from previous failed projects plus 2 small strips of the organic cotton tape. Very nice.
I placed this finished heart block FACE DOWN on top of a very loose weave fabric.
Sewing machine around the edge and leave a 2inch gap.
Turn it inside out - so correct sides now facing out.
 I stuffed these big hearts mainly with lavender - and yes! it was organic lavender.
but i popped a little stuffing in also, to help keep it's shape.
Sew it up at the gap by hand.
I also used the Cotton Tape as the final hanging ribbon and fastened it in place with a big button.

Happy Lavender Heart Gift! with lots of organic elements.

And this sobering picture is really what i should ahve been doing today, rather than quilting Lavender Hearts....
 Do think again before you assume that selling crafty supplies is all fun and games.... those packets need a great deal doing to them before they can be ready for sale.
(I am waving happily to *my best girl J* as she knows SHE is helping me out with this large task)
ToodlePip Craft fans!
I am off to do some Half-Term stuff and pop into the Post Office en-route.

MAKE STUFF! it is good for your soul xxx


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Hey you!
I want to make stuff especially today as my Biscuits went back to school this morn but library/nursery duty called first thing and then ..... is going to fix up the spare room so at least half of it can be mine. My own crafting space!! (I'm outgrowing my wee corner)
The excitement BUT, B.U.T the bathroom needs a lick of paint and the boy's room needs totally re-doing first so I had been sorting their stuff. Rubbish!!
My own room is a good incentive though!
Making hearts rather than working sounds like a good plan, bake a cake next with organic flour of course!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Nice heart - love it! Now get back to those packets, my girl!!

PaperFish! said...

hello my lovlies!
I can't be doing with housework biscuit x i am trying to inspire.... hahaha!

Jenny said...

Hi Kirsty, just found your wonderful blog/etsy shop through the craft tonic online magazine... love all the things you sell! I've just started some freelance work where I need to use lots of ribbons and buttons, so I will definitely be paying your shops a visit sometime soon! Jenny x

Emma Priest said...

Have loved reading this blog and you're so right, making stuff is good for the soul! Also love the 40's attire x

PaperFish! said...

Glad you think so too Emma x
and JENNY! you are like a proper lovely sewing person! yummy shop and blog.


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