Hey! I had a Birthday...

 Not just one, but 2 stunning Fish Women... that is my baby sister folks!
 3 too many Mojitos clearly gave me the powers to eat burning candles...
 The morning after, the morning after and Birthday breakfast with the girls...
 There was, naturally, a great deal more to the festivities than this - but i'd only bore you with all those cakes, gifts, nice food, champagne and prosecco, friends and frolics.
Listen, i really do have to go out for a bit now but
i will be back later to tell you about other *new* bits.
I have theeeee most tremendous fun in my life ya know x


Fleur Cotton said...

Happy Birthday to you!

What a lovely bunch of daffodils ... I'm sure they brightened up any hazy heads after the mojitos!

Fleur xx

Elderberry-Rob said...

Happy birthday to you!

ndandut said...

Happy birthday :)

Jude said...

Belated Birthday Greetings, Kirsty. I can tell it was a good one! :-) Jude.x

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