Giving Away a copy of Pip Lincolne's Craft Journal, to ONE Lucky shopper....

 Just repeating my coolio Give Away Offer....
 This is a gorgeous craft journal from Pip Lincolne - you know how much we all LOVED her last Craft Book!? (esp. me) this is a great idea to follow up with. Many blank 'decorated' pages for us Crafters to make lists and sketches of our next projects... a really inspiring book.

 THIS... i loved. In the famous pip POCKET at the back, you get a big wall chart for your studio / space / forehead where you can plan and tick things off. what could be more fun???
 I do this for all outstanding projects:
1. Sketch the thing i want to make / finish
2. write an ingredients list
3. tick off what i have in my stash (go and LOOK, don't just guess!)
4. list anything i NEED to complete it.
5. Put a slot in my diary of when i will do it....
I honestly do this people, but it is my 'job' too.
 A famous Pip Pocket at the back to collect v. v. important bits in once you take your poster out.
It's all here for you with lots of inspirational photography and vintage scenes.
ONE FREE - given away to a random customer who buys anything from any of my shops until
12pm FRIDAY 23rd MARCH 2012
As a thankyou surprise to one lucky customer - to let people know, i do appreciate your custom.
I have a tutorial or 2 up my sleeve for some future posts,
so stick around if you fancy seeing me make something, that then makes you feel like you practically made it as you saw it on a blog, IYKWIM xxx
(PS YES! Those are giant 2.5cm / 1inch spotty buttons on that cake stand!)


Mariella said...

I love that!! I think I might go and shop around your lovely shop!


Mariella said...

I just did!!
Well done lovely stuff in there!
I will soon put mine up ... :P
(I hope I can be that winner!!)

Anonymous said...

sorry this has nothing to do with your post, but thought i'd let you know your googlemail account's been hacked and i got an email/scam from your address about being robbed in spain. thought i'd let you know asap.

Unknown said...

I got an email too!! Hope all ok with you! Xx

Kirsty New said...

I am OK - and i love people for caring enough xxx i have currently lost EVERYTHING associated with my email address, including this BLOG. Until i know what to do... i am here:
This looks to be permanant :(

love bali said...

love your blog, beautiful craft. im from Asia, we have

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Unknown said...

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hou said...

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1. Sketch the thing i wantDoogee X6 Review to make / finish
2. write an ingredients list
3. tick off what i Huawei Enjoy 5 VS Xiaomi Mi4Chave in my stash (go and LOOK, don't just guess!)
4. list anything i NEED to complete it.
5. Put a slot in my Ulefone Be Touch 3 Reviewdiary of when i will do it....
I honestly do this people, but it is my 'job' too.

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