thankyou thankyou thankyou Crazies...

 Aaaahhhh Sale Day is officially over!
Any problem postage is now refunded in paypal
Now i just have to organise and pack and post it all - bear with me!! i have to dog to snuffle with first...
 I would like to say a big thankyou to many regular customers, and new customers, who convo'd me or left me messages yesterday because it made the day fun! you knew i was sat at this laptop alllll day re-listing and helping people checkout. It made such a difference to me to have your humour and kind words :) i am not a lady who 'sits easily' and being tied to the studio all day was not easy for me.
 So, there are still SALE parcels left in the shop and they can sit there till they expire (or sell!)
Some items that were not sold will be getting donated to an awesome Art charity i know... i hope to blog it soon so you can read all about it's great-ness and why it means so much to me, personally.
 Overseas customers can now get a look in!
I am so sorry i couldn't include you in free shipping as you are some of my biggest customer base - maybe i should think of a way to thank most of you for your long standing custom (ideas head on)
 Anyway... that isn't all the fun over.... no Sirreeee.
I have a great new book to review that might get you excited... and, hopefully, inspired!
I have the new Buttons to photograph and list - i started with the new *biggy buttons* whoppers!!
And there is some Good News in the FuzzyFish shop with some very pretty charm packs of Wool Felt arriving and thheeeee cutest patterns for some bits you might want to make!?
it allllll happens here ya know!


Bigbluebed said...

Thank you!

I loved your sale. It was great fun having a look through all the loveliness in your shop.

hou said...

Thank you!

I loved your sale. It was great fun having a look through all the loveliness in your shop.
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