Flower Crazy - yipppeee

 Flowers are one of my best selling buttons, did you know that?
I'm sure you didn't.
Probably because they are pretty and are fairly easy but interesting to use as a button?
 So i like to find new flowers for you to play with...
and i have these new sets in the shops in 14 amazing colours...
and, i think, they are a bargain!
 A spuerb range of colours to get you inspired and excited for Summer projects.
I myself shall be using these to make mini button bouquets as gifts for friends.
I think they'd make most awesome bracelets and small enough to add to cards and Scrap pages too.
AND,,,, we need to talk about the *new* "Meet me at Mikes" project,
an awesome Craft Journal.
Give me a few days and we'll get round to chatting about that xxx


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