BIGger Spoooools...

 aaahhh, hooray! Bigger spools...
Not as cute and wee as the small spools BUT
you can fit more on so they do have their use.
 You could fit fatter ribbon on these or more yardage of a thinner ribbon.
I am tempted to try painting a few too as i think they'd look funky.
 Selling in sets of 5 as they are a bit pricier - £4.70 without the Big Button
£6.70 with the gorgeous buttons stuck on top.
 Pretty playing - great for photos or for storing ribbon stash!
Also ideal if you want to sell off some ribbons and trims on your craft stall.
Greater quantities available for haberdashery outlets :)


Vivi Xu said...

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Josie said...

Ohh, I think I'm in love with a set of wooden spools. Who would have thought that was even possible!


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