PinBallWizard Buttons & win a copy of "Meet Me at Mikes" Crafty Journal...

 "Ever since i was a young boy, i played the silver ball
From Soho down to Moscow, i must have played 'em all.
You ain't seen nothing like it in any amusement hall,
That Deaf, Dumb n Blind Kid SURE played a mean PinBall"
Cue - guuuiiittttaaaar
 I was listening to that song as i took the photos, fer real kids!
And i thought 'yes' these pingy zingy little buttons look like they just fell out of a slot machine or a PinBall game.
They have that crazy 'i am small and bright and cute' - ness
 I supply them in sets because they are just so bright and lovely all mixed up together.
Approx a little over 1cm / 1.15?? i might supply them in single colours if there is a future demand.
They make cute additions to purses and Spring Bunny Folk.
 And, what i have been ITCHING to talk about is...
The new
Meet me at Mikes - Crafty Journal.
It is superbly gorgeous and i am going to give away a FREE copy.
I promise, over the next 24 hours, i WILL review it fully and show you the pages :)
Then give details on how to qualify entry.
Because this is such a cute book with a worthwhile RRP
i am going to reward ONE lucky customers (from any of my shops) with the chance to win.
Any customer in my Etsy shops and will automatically be entered into the free draw. As a thankyou for being such great customers.
ANY purchase made from *now* Friday 16th March - up till 12pm on Friday 23rd March
Sounds fair doesn't it??


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