OH MY! They're only bloomin' ace Finger Puppets..... joy!

 Seriously... do these need text?
look at those felt Finger Puppets...
I have never seen such great puppets for boys!
But then, i gave birth to a girl, so maybe i never really looked....?
 Anyway - they are awesome Finger Puppet Patterns, for sale, in http://fuzzyfish.etsy.com/
There are 3 different patterns and 3 different stories. The pictures might be self-explanatory?
Three Little Pigs
Princess & the Pea
Cool stuff for Boys - with like, a spy, a robot, a ninja, n stuff like that.
 See that little pea at the bottom of the feather matresses....? that is a finger puppet too.
I know. I did not think life to get any cuter. And these appeared!
I am dying to just shove aside one afternoon and have a play.
All patterns and instructions included - along with materials etc...
 But don't get too bogged down with the colours they suggest - RAID your stash and go crazy!
Make an Army of Robots and a Mash-up of Monsters, ready to take over the world, mwahahahaaa.
 But i do now stock *new* Felt CHARM PACKS too.
These are pre-packed. No choice of colours like other great sellers.
Just different Charm Packs with approx 15 or 16 colours per pile.
5x5 = 12.5cm squared approx. A great little stash to play with if you need a bit of inspiration.
 Playing with and sewing Felt is a joy.
It is up there on a close par with Running in the Woods for me.
(Running might just win though, sorry x)
 Charm Packs - also in FuzzyFish
(soon to be added to http://www.lovepaperfish.com/)
They are the high WOOL% blend - lovely and thick.
Woodland / Fairytale / Circus / Thanksgiving  (a fifth set is on it's way)
All retailing at £8.00 each currently
A full set of all 5 charm packs will be retailing at £35.00 which will give you around 70 colours with over 75 sheets... approx. i don't do exacts at all. I am too scatty. So there it is.
After i make those Finger Puppets, i am going to use these for: garlands, cards and few fun brooches i have designed in my head.
Then after that, i am going to make some wool felt patchwork.... ooohhhh, no, before that, i am going to make some Easter decorations to hang on my twig tree.....

*free entry to win Pip Lincolnes Craft Journal for every customer from now till next Friday NOON*


LPFish said...

Dear Kirsty, could you run and sew???
Dear Self, why yes, it is worth a try...!

MoodyCatCrafts said...

I think the pigs are my favourite, but the princess and the pea one is really cool! I would've never thought to make the pea a puppet too!

LPFish said...

I know! That pea is inspired! I might research the lady who designed them... Also Might run a workshop making one of the sets :)

.Homemakers Tales said...

Dear Kirsty.. i am going to send you an email shortly with a query of something you sent me fabulous blog and so much colour and choice !! x

Ming Zhang said...

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thecraftypioneer.com said...

Great finger puppets.

Steve Mellor said...

These are a brilliant unique idea that could be used to decorate my handmade driftwood trees. Perfect for any time of the year according to the decoration and especially in time for christmas! They would also be good for showcasing your creations. Take a look http://handmadedriftwoodtrees.blogspot.co.uk/

caton yesiondre said...

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sachin bhardwaj said...

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Krochet4kids said...

I Just Made The 3 Little Pigs Set For My Daughter Who Is Just StartImg Her Internship in Special Education Pre School-K, Just By Looking At The Photos, I Just Estimated On Size, They Are Awesome!


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