Button Frenzy... Sale News...

 So, i have begun re-stocking the buttons after my Christmas chillaxing.
I had a huge box delivered, which is allllways exciting and i thought you might enjoy it too...
I always add extra buttons to my colour mixes so a customer will get unique and exclusive button mixes from my shops. It is part of the alchemical button mix process that i really enjoy.
 http://bigfish.etsy.com/ is expanding slightly over 2011.
I don't want to BoMbArD the customer with an overwhelming choice of buttons but... i do want to start offering any mega Crafters / button obsessives a larger amount of buttons at a better price.
So, i have decided to introduce a WHOLESALE section to my BigFish store.
 Individual button bags with 100 of each colour. Yum Yum!
Also a pack of 1,300 spotty / gingham buttons with 100 each of 13 colours.
I am not sure if i can financially stretch to hold this much stock. Running my business is a constant 'cash flow balance' (isn't any business?) but if they are not available to you directly, i can order them in very swiftly.
So.... i have already launched the SPOTTY wholesale button bags.
Soon to follow, will be these fantatsic Reels of Ribbons *swoon* i know.
I am a spoilt crafting brat and, quite frankly, i hate having random cuts of ribbon held in baskets - i want a REEL. So i can snip off ribbon whenever i feel like it. Secretly, i think you feel the same...?
Well, you can always indulge in a reel of just your favourite colour if you can "justify it". They will work out much cheaper than buying by the Metre, especially if you sell on your creations.
I think there will be a choice of 14 colours on these.
 Whilst un-packing the delivery box, many button bags burst (yes, that is very messy and very annoying....) but look at the mix that i discovered! If they hadn't burst i would never have seen hooooowwww pretty these 3 colours look together!
This is called "Boy Girl Party" and is available as a 100g bag
Disco pink, Aqua, White and healthy scattering of spots and stars and hearts to compliment.
 ... i am exhausted after all this *news*
[deep breath and continue]
Gingham buttons will follow the spotty buttons and spotty ribbon reels, when i get a spare hour in the next week or so. Available in 5 new colours and ALSO in the wholesale 100 bags and 1,300 collection.
There will be a mega 'one day only' FREE POSTAGE offer coming soon.
Keep your eyes on the blog as i will announce the date here: Maybe end of Jan / Begin of Feb. My delightful UK customers will enjoy the rare - once a year only - opportunity to shop for supplies and pay far less than the rest of the year.
Why would i do that? It is no scam people, the prices are not 'going up' to compensate or anything.
{disclaimer: some prices will rise 'soon-ish' to accomodateVAT increase only}
 It allows me to move on older stock and boost cash flow... nothing more sinister. It is also a bit of a thankyou to blog readers and regulars for choosing to buy from me :) i appreciate it!
 In bewteen book-keeping & button listing... i am trying to make things for http://paperfish.etsy.com/ i have had requests from some lovely ladies for more Lavender cushions and matching sets of things. I love you for asking but i cannot start any big sewing till February. The odd little thing will get listed though (like the hanging PinPuffs above) If you are willing to wait, i would be so happy to get sewing again.
And lastly.... HOW does Kirsty fit allll this into her life? (I hear you cry)
1. i bought a tracksuit... it is the beginning of the end for me. I have never owned one but it sure is good for running up to the 'School Run' and between the Studio and the Post Office.
2. i made this awesome chocolate cake... energy = choco burst = tasty = happy.  New Year diet might be out of the window.

I know all this is alot of *news* to digest right now. Normal flippant, meaningless, storytelling blogging, will resume soon.


Jessica Wright said...

Ha ha this post made me laugh out loud - the tracksuit attire especially! Great news about your shop, I'll head over there now

PaperFish! said...

why thankyou Jessica! I aim to amuse (and the tracksuit thing is TRUE!)

Flossy said...

Thanks for this post, I've been looking for some cute buttons to finish off a couple of projects and for using on biscornus, just placed my order now hehe :D

PaperFish! said...

oooh Flossy - thankU x

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Don't you ever, for the hell of it, want to empty one of those huge deliveries into the bath and just submerge yourself in them?
It would be a right pain to sort them all out after but maybe after a relaxing button bath you wouldn't mind.

PaperFish! said...

the STRESS of sorting them again would be awful.... do you know, to fill a small bath would cost at least £3,000... maybe £4,000?
Saying that tho, if a professional photographer were doing the shoot, i would be tempted!

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Right Fishy it's on my lottery wish list for you cause really you'd love it, you love a bath...we'd have to share the buttons after though, well depending on whether you were in the buff or not obviously.
That's the question, naked or not? At least knickers I would have thought?!?!
Naked in a bath of buttons does take it to a whole other [scary?] level of button love don't you think?

PaperFish! said...

hahahaahahahha - i would have to be naked in the bath for the feel and the 'effect' so i cannot imagine anybody wanting the buttons after that! hahahah ))((

BuTtOnZ said...

Buttons buttons buttons!!! They are fab!!!


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