I'll get you, My Pretty... and your little Dog too!

 In Today's Commercial News.....
The shops will now be stocking "Ribbon Bags" full of colour co-ordinating 'pretties'.
It was decidedly unfair that i get to play with lots of ribbons and play 'mix n match' when you, at home, cannot see what fun it is! So i listed a few bags that i have enjoyed playing with and that you may find of use or inspiration.
 I can do a custom mix of pretty much any 2/3 colour combinations - minimum of 8metres. The reason i use 8 - 10mtrs is that i can sell it cheaper. It costs so much to list and sell 1mtr of trim on the net that it seems like bad economics.
 All the colours for the Polka Dot Ribbon reels are now listed on ETSY in BigFish. Available via paypal in GBP if you are interested. I have all colours in stock at present but as they sell, there may be a wait between supplier - myself - and delivery. Red and Pink and Plum have been the most popular colours.
(note to Maker/Sellers - if you are interested in any colours for Christmas Projects it is wise to order very early as Chrsitmas deliveries are notoriously slow)
*Kirsty did NOT mention christmas in the month of January*
 Any Ribbon (pretty much) that you see in any of my photos, are available to order by the reel. LovePaperFish has provided great prices for ladies buying ribbons for wedding projects. If it isn't up 'For Sale' doesn't mean i cannot negotiate certain supplies for you.
I am genuinely happy to help :) i get alot of satisfaction from selling my Pretties!

 The LovePaperFish site has been broken for sooo long now, i despair BUT i intend for it to be up and running soon. Where are all the hours in my day going to?
(she says, shopping for Vintage Furniture and baking chocolate cakes)
 ALL Polka Dot Pretty Button Bags are now packed in lots of 130. 10 each of 13 colours.
The same for the Gingham / Plaid Button Bags - in lots of 130.
Again, i am able to offer such better value when sold like this - and the colours are so tempting. These are by far my favourite of alllll the buttons i sell.
All Felt colours are in stock.
I can announce that the price of my felt is not rising with the increasing of VAT - huzzah! and long may this continue...
I am worried mostly about the cost of postage increasing as Felt is surprisingly heavy to send.
I'll do my best xxx
Commercial Break now ended.
Fun Vintage finds to follow sooon.....


::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

So glad there's no flying monkeys..the title scared me a wee bitty.
Your ribbon combos are amazing, so colourful and I WANT those buttons, heck I always want buttons you tease.

Post, petrol, food, the prices are getting scary!!!
kisskiss my love!

PaperFish! said...

flying monkeys..... jeeeezh

Highland Monkey's said...

Wow what a lovely stock of pretties, the colours are gorgeous.


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