2011.....no rest for the [very] wicked

 Was there a holiday? Did we have a break from work?
Forgive me if that all seems a vvverrrryyyy long time ago now!

Aaaaah, i shall not complain about 'work' - you all know i LOVE it.
I had to catch up on a few commission pieces from 2010....
 Mainly, log cabin cushions-a-plenty.
The above is a smaller cushion, packed with Hops, Lavender and Chamomile. The brief was "use blue", so i did.
 Then there were 2 cushions - much larger, approx 20inch x 20inch
I was so pleased with how these turned out.
A lady ordered them for her daughter.... and then kept them for her own bedroom!
[well, why not?]
 Old shirt labels and mixed linens (mmmmm, linen) and some Japanese fun scraps.
 Starting a new batch of thhhhheeee cutest PinPuffs, with an eyelet and bookring so you can hang it: on a bag, on your sewing machine, on your needlebook....
 This is totally irrelevant to my sewing activities but WOW! how much do i love my new giant bird ring? It is an awesome Sales find of £2 and totally too big to be practical.
 This cushion is for me - in red, pink, slate, blue... it shouldn't work, but it does....
 Yummy scrap of vintage lacework and more old shirt labels....
 And, lastly, yellow Tulips - from my friend MrsB
[she knows what i mean]
Joy to the world my friends
and the happiest of fresh New Years xxx


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Gosh you have been busy! The birdie is gorgeous!! And the cushions are really fabby!

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

Hey you!!
You have been delightfully busy with those scrummy cushions!
That ring...*sigh*...that's the kind of thing I buy then wonder why I cannae get my mittens on or catch it on my knickers or scratch one of my Biscuits cheeks as they pass me. Gorgeous though!
I'm sending 'the bestest year EVER' vibrations your way lovely Fishy because, obviously, I have THE POWER.

teeny tiny house said...

beautiful stuff as usual....where did you get those fantastic heart topped pins? x

Anonymous said...

Love the pin puffs on the ring - you are such a clever fishy x

Kit said...

Love those cushions :o)
I recieved a sewing machine for Christmas so I am hopingto amke some things with that this year - might take me a while to be as talented as you with a sewing machine though. Love, love, love the bird ring it may be impractical but it is as gorgeous as it is impractical :o)


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