Quick & Crafty... Buttons x

 Here is another very quick and crafty idea....
Buttons are not JUST for sewing ya know!
The non-quick bit of this idea is the actual 'searching for' magnets.
Do not be tempted to use any ole magnet that you come across... there is nothing as frustrating as making your own fridge magnet - then discovering the magnet has no strength and everything falls off your fridge. I hate that.
I  *think* i got mine from Staples - and maybe even from Habitat some years ago... a few are quite deep but some are flat - it doesn't matter really. But they were really strong so i was happy to use them.
 Searching for buttons... well that is the easy bit!
you either have some in a pot somewhere (the bigger the better! the more dramatic effect)
or you can buy some from me: http://bigfish.etsy.com/
or you can rummage ebay / carboot / thrift for some unusual oldies.
All i did was to GLUE mine with a super strong glue.
I never recommend Super-Glue as it has volatile properties and you are never sure when the stickiness will give.
You can use an Araldite i think, or a glue gun.
I used Gold Hi-Tack, my most favourite glue of all time.
leave them to dry for 24 - 48hrs. Don't be impatient...
Ace Button Magnets xxx


Judith said...

Love your button creations.
M & S are selling a cardi in per una with the most fantastic button on it. Its a button with buttons in it. WOW. I may have to buy the cardi and just cut the button off. Unless of course you know where I can get such buttons???? x x x

Vintage from the Village said...

They are brilliant ! x

PaperFish! said...

*off to google M&S cardigans* x

pammyjo said...

OMGosh ... I stopped by and was so in love with your colorful buttons. I love buttons, and I'm not even a person who sews, or anything. I just like them. :) Thanks for sharing!

Hannah said...

Super coloured buttons!
and i dobelive my fridge needs some colour added,

PaperFish! said...

all fridges need buttons!!!

Helen said...

I just love your blog, it's so colourful, crafty and yummy - you are a real inspiration


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